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South central Alaska

My Mom.  She is in a nursing home in Wasillia.


My Sister and her nephew playing with the yellow squash

That’s my nephew’s wife

Sitting around the fire

Everyone, including the dogs, had a good Fourth.


Alaska 2017 – Grizzly Lake Campground

We Made it!  Our first goal, make it to Alaska.   3000+ miles.

Crossing the boarder was much simpler than the Canadian side.  The Canadians were more intent on getting their duty on any liquor you might have.

The scenery was amazing.  Snowcapped mountains, beautiful still lakes, it was amazing.

At night we always made time to bowl a few frames in our bowling alley.

Sweetums was this huge dog that roamed the park.  He was so gentle, and mellow.  Fozzie, who tends to be dominant, tried to put him in his place, by growling and biting the back of his neck.  Sweetums ignored him, and Fozzie gave up.

We added swans to our wildlife list.

We added the final state to our map for this trip.  We’ll as Washington on the way back.

Alaska 2017 – Beaver Creek

We decided to stop just before the Alaska border in Beaver Creek.  Along the way we had to photo the largest gold pan.

Beaver Creek has a couple of things going for it.  one is it’s next to a great restaurant called Buckshot Betties …

, and the other is it’s across the street from the visitor center.

Other than that not a whole lot to say for it.

It was a comfortable stop, now on to Alaska!


Alaska – 2017 Kluane Lake (Yukon)

We set off for the Cottonwood RV park on the shores of Kluane Lake.  The add looked beautiful, so we thought we might spend a few days.  We stopped at a rest stop next to a river so Fozzie could get a swim.

There was quite a bit of construction along the way, where you had to drive on the gravel road.  It brought back memories of when my family first drove up to Alaska in 1965, and the whole road was gravel.

Getting it set up

In honor of sighting our first Grizzly Bear, Griz beer!  The bear didn’t show when we had the camera out.

As you can see from the snow caped mountains surrounding the lake, that water is cold!

The lake was beautiful, but the wind started blowing and the temperature dropped to 42 degrees.

The dog could not stay out of the water.  He swam and frolicked until he was shivering.  We dried him off, and warmed him up.  He looks like he wants some hot chocolate.

Since the next day and the weekend were the Canadian Independence day weekend, Cottonwood RV was full up, so we had to move on.


Alaska – 2017 Teslin Lake (Yukon)

So we chose this RV park called Yukon Motel and restaurant, Lakeshore RV Park.  The thought was that it might have a lakeshore that Fozzie could swim in.  Well not so much.

On the way we saw a few bears.  This guy’s rather brown.  I don’t know if that makes him a grizzly or not.

This one stayed in the woods.

The lakeshore was a shallow swamp.  Fozzie had fun though.

Any water is fun for Fozzie

In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, they had these maple leaf shaped Frozen hamburger patties.  Yum! Grilled Maple leaves!

Another Provence for our map!

This park had the oddest wifi of any we stayed at.  The wifi was only in their cafe.  The odd part was that they gave you a username and password that was good for only one hour.  Then you had to go and get another one.  My WIFI Ranger was able to pick up the signal, but going to the office every hour was a pain.


Alaska 2017 – Coal River Lodge and RV (British Colombia)


So on we go.  We actually start to see wildlife.  Here’s a Big Horn Ram.

And a black bear.  We saw five or six on this leg.  More later.

We finally found where the buffalo roam (across the highway)

These are Woods Buffalo.

A herd of them.

We finally get to Coal Creek.

The RV park is six sites next to the Motel and restaurant.  The restaurant served excellent Buffalo Burgers.

It’s located where the Liard river meets up

With Coal Creek.  The sign warns not to hunt on tribal land.

Here’s the creek with a bridge across it.

Fozzie couldn’t wait to jump into the icy water.

Ok Where Now?


Alaska 2017 – Triple G.

On the way to the triple G, we saw two black bears crossing the road.  Our first wildlife.

We pulled into the Triple G RV park just as it started to rain.  We got everything set up then the heavens opened up with a spectacular thunder storm.   We watched the rain, hail, and lightening from our warm cozy trailer.


Soon, one after another of these huge motor homes started showing up.  It’s odd to see your tow vehicle being used as an auxiliary for one of these things.

They all are part of a caravan.  They all have this sticker in the window.  Must be 30 or so of them.

Next to the park is this cute museum, with old cars and trucks.

Many date from the construction of the Highway.

Here we are all tucked into the trees.

Charlie Lake & Leisure RV Park BC



We Start down the Alaska Highway.  We thought to spend some time in Dawson Creek, but there was no room.  All of the RV parks were full.  We finally found this funky little RV park outside Fort Nelson.  The park had a lot of trees, water, sewer, and 110V power.

Fozzie gets his first selfie.

Beautiful British Colombia.

Meanwhile, the storm clouds were gathering.



Alaska 2017 – Sherks RV Valleyview, AB

Shirks in Valleyview Alberta Canada.

Sherks was a fun campground.  They gave us a goody bag with pads , pens, a flashlight and a calendar.  The site was absolutely level.

Put up the Giants flag, hoping it would help them win.  Alas…


The Jeep has been doing a great job.  I set the cruise control to 55 and the Jeep takes care of everything else.  Up hill, down hill, or on the flat, the Jeep stays pegged at 55 +/- 2 MPH.


Alaska 2017 – Okotoks AB, Canada


Riverbend RV park in Alberta British Clombia

We got to add a whole country to our RV, and Alberta.


The best thing about this place was that they had some water for Fozzie to swim in.

Once again, So many RV parks consist of a pad.  This one had a river inlet, which was filled with weed.  Fozzie liked it.