Alaska – 2017 Teslin Lake (Yukon)

So we chose this RV park called Yukon Motel and restaurant, Lakeshore RV Park.  The thought was that it might have a lakeshore that Fozzie could swim in.  Well not so much.

On the way we saw a few bears.  This guy’s rather brown.  I don’t know if that makes him a grizzly or not.

This one stayed in the woods.

The lakeshore was a shallow swamp.  Fozzie had fun though.

Any water is fun for Fozzie

In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, they had these maple leaf shaped Frozen hamburger patties.  Yum! Grilled Maple leaves!

Another Provence for our map!

This park had the oddest wifi of any we stayed at.  The wifi was only in their cafe.  The odd part was that they gave you a username and password that was good for only one hour.  Then you had to go and get another one.  My WIFI Ranger was able to pick up the signal, but going to the office every hour was a pain.