The Rig

When we went looking for a rig to go out RVing, we started by listing some requirements.  We live on a narrow road, so it couldn’t be too long.  I wanted an outdoor kitchen, and we wanted a separate bedroom so our sleeping area wouldn’t be in the living area.  We looked at the Keystone 23RB and fell in love with it.  Every manufacturer makes what is called a couples coach.  The 23 RB has some great small features.  The angles sink gives more counter top area, enough for a Kurig coffee maker, and some drain space for dishes.  The linen cabinet over the outdoor kitchen provides plenty of room for towels and bathroom supplies.  The dinette is roomy enough for four or five people, and the table is just the perfect size for dominoes.

Keystone 23 RB


The First Trip

Last weekend we took our first trip in our trailer to half moon bay to the Half Moon Bay RV Park and Campground in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Got everything hitched up
Got everything hitched up
First time parking into a spot
Is it time to go for a walk?
First it’s cocktail time
Making a Ginger Rodgers
The rv park is right next to a Pub
OK now is it time for a walk?
Off to the local dog park. It’s a tad muddy.
Quick tell me what dominoes she has.
One of the best features of the 23RB is this outdoor Kitchen. It’s a small thing, but the light shines right on the BBQ


The next day we walked to the bluffs above the beach
The waves were amazing
unfortunately there was no easy way down to the beach
Goog Dog
So we wave goodby to our first trip

We really love our Keystone Laredo 23 RB.  The trailer is VERY roomy and comfortable.  The two main features we looked for are the outdoor kitchen and a separate bedroom.  We’re really glad we did.

The RV park was OK.  It’s a big parking lot.  The walk to the beach is quite a hike.  They had full hookups, but only 30 Amps, at least at our site.

It was a very successful shakedown cruise.  We discovered all of the little things we need to remember, but nothing major.