Alaska 2017 – Grizzly Lake Campground

We Made it!  Our first goal, make it to Alaska.   3000+ miles.

Crossing the boarder was much simpler than the Canadian side.  The Canadians were more intent on getting their duty on any liquor you might have.

The scenery was amazing.  Snowcapped mountains, beautiful still lakes, it was amazing.

At night we always made time to bowl a few frames in our bowling alley.

Sweetums was this huge dog that roamed the park.  He was so gentle, and mellow.  Fozzie, who tends to be dominant, tried to put him in his place, by growling and biting the back of his neck.  Sweetums ignored him, and Fozzie gave up.

We added swans to our wildlife list.

We added the final state to our map for this trip.  We’ll as Washington on the way back.