Alaska 2017 -Jerome ID

So we went off to Idaho.

We stopped at this little rest stop, but it had a nice little creek for Fozzie to play in.


Idaho has such amazing rock formations.  The colors are astounding.

You see these bluffs everywhere.


So we arrived at the Jerome KOA in Jerome ID.  They had a nice fenced dog park, great for fozzie, but our site was right next to the temp showers, and the playground.  Had kids walking through our site, and the high squeals of little children throughout the evening.  I know I’m a grump.


Added the Idaho state!


They had this shallow pond, which Fozzie loved.


There was a deal hole here and there

Alaska trip 2017 – Elko Nevada

So our next stop was the Iron Horse RV resort in Elko Nevada


Yea! we get to add a state!

The resort was nice clean, sterile.  The sort of resort for a one night stay.

gnome approved

The desert has some nice formations

Alaska trip 2017 – truckee river RV

Here we go again.  Last year we attempted to go to Alaska, only to have the motor blow up in Pleasanton.  This year we breathed a sigh of relief as we passes the carman, where we were stranded.  The month before we were to leave the jeep sprang a leak, and spewed coolant onto the highway.  I brought it back to the dealer, who took two weeks to get a hose and install it.  The day before we left, the Jeep threw a check engine light for the glow plug on the number three cylinder.  I wasn’t sure we’d get started, but away we went.

There was a ton of snow on Donner summit  They say skying through the summer.

The Jeep pulled the trailer up the hill at 55 the whole way.  I was impressed.


The Truckee river RV park was nice.  Plenty of shade.

Raising the Alaska and of course the Giants flag.