Alaska trip 2017 – truckee river RV

Here we go again.  Last year we attempted to go to Alaska, only to have the motor blow up in Pleasanton.  This year we breathed a sigh of relief as we passes the carman, where we were stranded.  The month before we were to leave the jeep sprang a leak, and spewed coolant onto the highway.  I brought it back to the dealer, who took two weeks to get a hose and install it.  The day before we left, the Jeep threw a check engine light for the glow plug on the number three cylinder.  I wasn’t sure we’d get started, but away we went.

There was a ton of snow on Donner summit  They say skying through the summer.

The Jeep pulled the trailer up the hill at 55 the whole way.  I was impressed.


The Truckee river RV park was nice.  Plenty of shade.

Raising the Alaska and of course the Giants flag.