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Alaska 2017 – Shelby, MT


Shelby is just at the boarder between  Montana and Alberta Canada.  We stayed at the Trails West RV park that was just behind the Best Western Hotel in Shelby Montana.

We walked the dog in the prairie behind the hotel.  This is a prickly pare cactus flower I thought looked nice.

The best thing about this park is that the Best Western had a breakfast buffet.

The boarder crossing.  We were held up for quite a while.  They made us sit and wait for a Canadian Boarder Agent.  Then he tapped onto his computer, handed us back our passports and told us we were good to go.

Alaska 2017 – helena Montanna


So much of Montana, and Idaho for that matter, are miles and miles of miles and miles.   I was a little concerned about fuel, since it was quite a ways between fuel stations.  We stayed at the Lincoln road RV park.


We add Montana


Your basic RV park.  Generic RV parks have a gravel pad and grass areas.  The wind was blowing so bad we couldn’t extend the awning.  Generic RV parks have nothing much to say for them.  This one had an unfenced very large field for a dog run.

Alaska – 2017 Salmon Idaho

One of the objectives of this expedition was to go to Salmon Idaho.  Marian is related to Emma Russel (the sheep queen of Idaho).  We detoured through Idaho so that we could explore the Lemhi museum, and the Yearian graveyard.


The Salmon River canyon is something that just needs to be experienced.


The beauty, and the fantastic colors of the rock formations are impossible to express in photos.


We stayed at the Wagonhammer RV Resort.  What a great resort.  The hosts were very friendly, the park was clean, green, and great.

Fozzie found that he liked the river because he could swim and swim against the flow.  He had a great time.

The museum had this old stage coach on display out in front.

At the Lemhi museum, here’s a china cabinet that belonged to the Yearian.

This Peace Pipe belonged to EM Yearian, and was given to him by Toompompy, son of Tendoy.


We found the Yearian Cemetery ( had to use GPS coordinates ).

Panoramic looking down the valley

Looking back at the cemetery.

Alaska 2017 -Jerome ID

So we went off to Idaho.

We stopped at this little rest stop, but it had a nice little creek for Fozzie to play in.


Idaho has such amazing rock formations.  The colors are astounding.

You see these bluffs everywhere.


So we arrived at the Jerome KOA in Jerome ID.  They had a nice fenced dog park, great for fozzie, but our site was right next to the temp showers, and the playground.  Had kids walking through our site, and the high squeals of little children throughout the evening.  I know I’m a grump.


Added the Idaho state!


They had this shallow pond, which Fozzie loved.


There was a deal hole here and there

Alaska trip 2017 – Elko Nevada

So our next stop was the Iron Horse RV resort in Elko Nevada


Yea! we get to add a state!

The resort was nice clean, sterile.  The sort of resort for a one night stay.

gnome approved

The desert has some nice formations

Alaska trip 2017 – truckee river RV

Here we go again.  Last year we attempted to go to Alaska, only to have the motor blow up in Pleasanton.  This year we breathed a sigh of relief as we passes the carman, where we were stranded.  The month before we were to leave the jeep sprang a leak, and spewed coolant onto the highway.  I brought it back to the dealer, who took two weeks to get a hose and install it.  The day before we left, the Jeep threw a check engine light for the glow plug on the number three cylinder.  I wasn’t sure we’d get started, but away we went.

There was a ton of snow on Donner summit  They say skying through the summer.

The Jeep pulled the trailer up the hill at 55 the whole way.  I was impressed.


The Truckee river RV park was nice.  Plenty of shade.

Raising the Alaska and of course the Giants flag.

Oregon Trip to Gold Beach

Trip Map

After our rather unsuccessful last trip, we decided to try a shorter one.  Several years ago, for a family vacation, we rented a house on Gold Beach in Oregon, so Marian and I decided to make a short trip back.

IMG_4963Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, heading north

We eventually got to Eureka.  It was a long trip, with lots of traffic in the city and Petaluma.  Next time we need to find a closer place to overnight.


Our first stop was Shoreline RV Park in Eureka.  It was nowhere near the shoreline.  Their web site shows the water right up to the park, but that’s only at high tide.  Other than that it’s all grey mud.  The dog only got a single swim.  The neighborhood was loaded with the homeless, with their dogs loose.  It made walking the dog an adventure.  The park itself was clean, and nice, but right next to the highway, so it was a little loud.  The cable and wifi worked well.

IMG_4979 IMG_4977

On the road again up to Ireland’s Ocean RV Park in Oregon.  Fortunately it was a much shorter drive.

This park lived up to it’s website.  You’re greeted by this cute lighthouse / observation platform.

IMG_4994 IMG_4996

People paint rocks, and leave them at the base of the tower.



Panorama from either side of the tower.  You can see the short walk to the beach


Here’s our camp site.  The park itself was nice, clean, full service, but the cable was not operative.  We barely got any signal at all.  The boxes were all torn apart.


Two treasure hunters.  Marian goes high tech, Fozzy just digs.  Neither found anything.


Fozzy learned to swim in the ocean, with breakers going over his head, and surfing in on the waves.

IMG_5009  IMG_5003

The ceremonial addition go the Oregon sticker to the map.


After that it’s time for a nap.

The temperature in Gold beach averaged 70 or so with the wind blowing like all heck.  It was cold.  Long pants and short sleeve sort of cold.  We made a lot of use of the heater.

So, up and over Grants Pass to I5 and Lake Shasta RV Resort and Campground.


We had some great views of Mount Shasta on the way.


We were practically the only ones at the RV park.  The temperature was over 100.  Hot.  The RV park was not on the lake.  The lake was 1/4 mile away down the road.IMG_1473IMG_1474

Fortunately our tow vehicle is a capable SUV.  I placed it in rock mode, and drove on down.


Fozzy has the Teddy Rosevelt idea.  Bark softly and carry a big stick.


After that, it’s time for a nap.


IMG_1477 IMG_1478

Afterwards, we retreated in to the air conditioning for Dominos and bowling.

It was a fun trip.  The Jeep performed flawlessly.  With the winding road and steep hills on the California to Oregon to grants pass we averaged 14.7 MPG.  In I5, flat and strait, we averaged 15.3 MPG.  The new motor is still breaking in, so it should get better.

Alaska or Bust! – Busted the motor!


So we started out off to Truckee, the first stop on our trip to Alaska.  We got to Pleasanton in the east bay when the motor blew up.  It made a load rattling noise, the low oil pressure light went on, and the motor died.  Would not re-start.  We had to use the emergency lever to get it into neutral.

Highway 680
Highway 680 exit 21A The end of our trip!

Fortunately, the week before, I’d signed up for the Good Sam roadside assistance, and they towed the Jeep and the trailer off the highway, and over to the local Jeep dealer.  This is probably what happened:

The Jeep dealer didn’t want us to park it on his lot, but suggested that we ask next door at Car Max since they have a large empty parking lot.  They told us we could, so we parked the rig there.  Then I asked if we could stay in the camper, the guy I talked to said sure, so we made dinner, and settled down to watch a movie.

view out the window. Doesn't look like Truckee.

view out the window. Doesn’t look like Truckee.

At 7:00 PM I get a phone call from Car Max saying that we had to leave.  We couldn’t stay on the property, so we called our son, who came and picked us up.  They also told us we had to move the trailer by Friday.

Our back up vehicle wasn’t up to the job, so we tried to rent a truck to pull the trailer home.  We tried U-Haul, but their trucks came with a 2″ ball (the trailer takes a 2 5/16), and the ball is welded onto the truck.  Everyone else didn’t allow towing with their trucks.  We tried to get Car Max to give us more time, but they wouldn’t budge.


Meats can do a lot, just not tow a trailer.
Miatas can do a lot, just not tow a trailer.  Note the vast parking lot.

We finally called a tow company, who for $350.00 pulled the trailer home.

tow truck home.
tow truck home.

We finally got her back home safe and sound.  Nobody was hurt, although the tow truck driver hit some bumps at speed, and caused all sorts of havoc in the trailer.

Home again all safe and sound.
Home again all safe and sound.

Jeep is ordering me a new motor, it’s under warrantee.  How long it is going to take to fix I don’t know, but our Alaska dream trip isn’t going to happen.  Marian needs a medical procedure in the middle of August, so there just isn’t time.  Ah well, it could be worse.


The Third Trip; Big Waves

Pillar Point RV park

Back to Half Moon Bay we went, to lounge in the sun while the “Men Who Ride Mountains” participated in the Maverick’s surf competition. Picture 30 – 40 foot waves pounding down on a sharp coral bed which happens to be right in the middle of one of the Great White Shark’s breeding grounds.  For those of us without a death wish, it was a great day to walk on the beach and saunter up to the Half Moon Bay Brewing co..   This is our favorite restaurant on the coast that lets you take your dog in to the outside patio.



At the brewing company



Maverick is out there somewhere




The beach


Riding the small waves





view from the rv park


Sunset was great


The Rig

When we went looking for a rig to go out RVing, we started by listing some requirements.  We live on a narrow road, so it couldn’t be too long.  I wanted an outdoor kitchen, and we wanted a separate bedroom so our sleeping area wouldn’t be in the living area.  We looked at the Keystone 23RB and fell in love with it.  Every manufacturer makes what is called a couples coach.  The 23 RB has some great small features.  The angles sink gives more counter top area, enough for a Kurig coffee maker, and some drain space for dishes.  The linen cabinet over the outdoor kitchen provides plenty of room for towels and bathroom supplies.  The dinette is roomy enough for four or five people, and the table is just the perfect size for dominoes.

Keystone 23 RB